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Clare, Adam, Ziggy & Etta's Garden, Wonthaggi

Sharing food abundance with neighbours and inspiring children to garden

Zagorski, Claire and children gardening_
Zagorski fennel flowers.jpg

Veggies 🥦   Berries 🍓   Fruits 🍋   Bees 🐝 

Meet the gardeners and their garden

While some people see houses as an investment, Clare and Adam chose their home in 2021 because of its magnificent and bountiful garden.  They took on the responsibility of nurturing a well-loved garden, complete with 64 fruit trees and about 8 raised garden beds that pump out produce in most seasons.  Not to be left out, Ziggy (8 years) and Etta (7 years), the couple's two young children, now have their own recently created garden beds for growing food, although Etta also loves marigolds and other flowers!

Come to see, learn and be inspired!

  • A sharing cart at the front of the property provides free produce and seeds for the community, in line with the permaculture principles of sharing abundance and caring for community

  • Ask Ziggy and Etta to show you their garden patches; Etta is very skilled at collecting and saving seeds; both children are looking forward to surprising visitors - there may be some offerings and activities related to their garden!

  • Enjoy seeing what's growing in the extensive vegetable beds at the back of the property and see how many vegetables you can recognise

  • Fruit trees, many espaliered along fences, include crabapples, apples, apricots, blood oranges, oranges, limes, mandarins, lemons, nectarines, pears, white peaches, pomegranates, olives and passionfruit

  • Clare (who posts on Instagram as waste_conscious_mama) believes in organic, low waste gardening and food preparation and makes healthy and tasty treats from her garden with a dehydrator

  • Check out, from a safe distance, the rescue bee hive at the back of the vegetable beds near the lane


Parking and accessibility

Parking in adjacent streets; reasonably flat garden with mulched and gravel pathways for easy access; entry to back garden via narrow side gates



1 Dunn Street, Wonthaggi (corner of Queen and Dunn Streets)

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Zagorski greens_edited.jpg
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