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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is organising the event?

Bass Coast Adult Learning (BCAL), a community-based Learn Local, is organising the open garden event. 

What is the aim of the Bass Coast Edible Gardens weekend?

The aim is to inspire and encourage people to grow food in their own backyards or in community gardens.  The event shows visitors what is possible and gives them the opportunity to chat and ask questions of local food gardeners.

Where does the money go?

The funding goes to BCAL, a not-for-profit adult education provider.  The funding covers the costs of running the event including marketing, highway and garden signs and printing brochures.  

Will the Bass Coast Edible Gardens event occur if the weather is bad?

Yes, the event will proceed in most weather conditions.  As a coastal shire, Bass Coast has a healthy mix of rain, sunshine and wind – all of which helps our food gardens grow.  Please bring sunscreen, umbrellas or gumboots (or all three!), depending on the weather forecast.

How accessible are the gardens?

The gardens differ in their accessibility.  Some gardens have steps or slopes that will not be fully accessible for all visitors.  Information on the accessibility of each garden is included under the Gardens tab. 

Is the event safe for children to attend?

Children are welcome to attend to inspire their interest in gardening.  Some of the food gardens are on farms, so there may be farm animals, bee hives and unfenced dams.  Parents and guardians should ensure that children are supervised. 

Can I bring my pet along?

We would prefer that you leave pets at home or safely in your car (with water and windows open).  Pets may not mix well with farm animals or bee hives!

Is there access to toilets?

Toilets are available in some of the community gardens.  The private homes that are opening their gardens are not able to provide access to toilets.  Here is information on the location of public toilets

Where can I buy food or coffee?

In general, most gardens will not be offering any food or drinks. Here is information on some of the amazing food experiences in Bass Coast.

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