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Glenda’s Gourmet Garden, Wonthaggi

A bountiful edible garden showcasing the cycle of growing and preserving foods

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Veggies 🥦   Berries 🍓   Fruits 🍋

Meet the gardeners and their garden

Gardening is a family affair in this household.  While Glenda is definitely the green thumb in the family and responsible for growing most of the food, her husband Glenn lends a hand in digging in new trees and building garden beds.  Her daughter designed the artwork for Glenda’s Gourmet Garden jars of pickles.  Glenda’s grandchildren created the scarecrow (more friendly than scary!) that guards some of the vegetable plots and have their own garden beds next door.

Come to see, learn and be inspired!

  • The hothouse and shed demonstrate the cycle of growing foods and are home to suspended jars of saved seeds for next year’s crops, new seedlings (some growing directly on a carpet shelf with a water wicking channel below) and bountiful crops of seasonal vegetables

  • Benefiting from Glenda’s study of horticulture and permaculture, vegetable beds benefit from good applications of compost, egg shells and dropped crops, all of which replenish the soil

  • Using her home cooking and chef skills, Glenda also creates her gourmet pickles and preserves, some of which may be available to buy over the weekend

  • Fruit trees and berries in this garden include apples, peaches, pears, lemons, grapes, strawberries and raspberries

  • Check out Glenda’s new, low-cost approach to worm farms, using twin-level, recycled polystyrene boxes to house the worms and harvest the worm wee; Glenda also has a hot composting bed and tumblers and barrels for composting, so nothing is ever wasted!


Parking and accessibility

Parking in adjacent streets. Access to back garden is via a narrow side gate.  Garden is relatively flat and accessible.



3 Parkes Street, Wonthaggi

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