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Bhavani and David's Farm, Ventnor

A rural property driven by the principles of permaculture, regenerative and carbon farming

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Veggies 🥦   Berries 🍓   Fruits 🍋   Nuts 🌰   Bees 🐝  Chickens 🐔 

Meet the gardeners and their garden

Since 2019 Bhavani and David have completely transformed the previously bare paddocks of this 5-acre property to create an edible farm that values biodiversity and an organic approach to growing food.  There is always something new happening on this farm, whether it be the planting of over 2000 Indigenous trees, the creation of terraced wetlands as habitat for frogs, the delivery of permaculture courses so others can learn about the principles and practice of permaculture, or their involvement with Landcare to enrich the soil through counting and measuring carbon.

Come to see, learn and be inspired!

  • No dig growing, a chop and drop approach to green cover, and encouraging self-seeding are features of the intermingled vegetable and flower beds

  • Plants and animals on the farm have been introduced based on their beneficial impacts; an example is that the fleece from alpacas is placed at the base of fruit trees in the netted orchards to keep the soil warm and protect the trees against pests

  • Fruit trees, berries and nuts include loquats, nectarines, peaches, plums, pears, apricots, apples, oranges, lemons, mandarins, cherries, pepinos, passionfruit vines, feijoas, grapes, almonds, strawberries, raspberries, mulberries, elderberries and redcurrants

  • Check out the large flock of chickens which free range inside the lush pastures of the orchard; if you are lucky enough, you may spot some free-range chooks amongst the flowers of the cottage garden

  • Ask David about the biogas system using garden and kitchen waste to create fuel for their kitchen

  • Ask Bhavani about her chickens, her beehives and how she dehydrates herbs


Parking and accessibility

Preferred parking is inside the property in paddocks at front of property.  This is a rural property and there may be uneven surfaces and gulches, snakes and exposed plant roots.  Please exercise caution around the unfenced dam and do not approach the alpacas.  



457 Ventnor Road, Ventnor

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