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Greg’s Garden, Coronet Bay

An aromatic edible garden with some interesting native edible plants

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Veggies 🥦   Berries 🍓   Fruits 🍋 

Meet the gardeners and their garden

This charming, small garden packs a powerful aromatic punch, especially on a warm day when the air is filled with the scents of herbs such as lemon balm, Vietnamese mint, thyme and lemon myrtle trees. Greg has renounced lawns in most of his back garden, opting instead for multiple vegetable and growing beds, edged by low maintenance paving. The diversity of plants provides a colourful palette, perhaps reflecting Greg’s creative flair as a photographer.

How does your garden grow?

Most of my edibles are planted in timber-edged beds and I tend to mix vegetables, herbs and flowers together. I really try to encourage biodiversity in my garden and enjoy growing some more unusual plants. Watching and listening to the wildlife, including frogs, fish and birds, provides a relaxing backdrop to my time in the garden.

What are some of your gardening challenges?

My fruit trees and berries are magnets for the local birds, with the figs proving especially popular with parrots. I haven’t used netting, but instead I try to keep a close eye on when my fruit and berries are ripening, so I get to enjoy at least some of the season’s harvest.

Be inspired and learn!

Greg says: I have been experimenting with various native edibles such as midgen berries, fingerlimes and lemon myrtle. I also enjoy growing some edibles that are less commonly found in local farmers’ markets such as pomegranates, goji berries and tamarillos.

Garden extras

Check out the frog pond, fish pond and look out for the blue tongue lizard!

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